Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the air

*** Update: I totally feel better this morning, cinnamon buns here I come!

Love is in the air today...
isn't it?

Tonight, (the eve before Valentines Day) I am not feeling it.

I really am a lovie-dovey person who thinks that Valentines day is great.

But at 9:30 the night before I am really tired.
And lonely, because the hubs is working and I would really like to talk to an adult.
My kids have been bouncing off the walls this evening.
They still are, I can hear them giggling upstairs and there was just a loud bang.
But, if I go upstairs, there will be shouting... So it's best that I stay down here.

Welcome to my first mopey post!

I have grand plans for tomorrow.
Hopefully I will sleep good tonight and maybe my motivation will be renewed in the morning.

I am making my boys favorite food for dinner
Hoot-n-Annies - I'll have to post the recipe later.

The Mr. also feels love through food so I am making him a yummy lunch.
(He will be at work tomorrow evening so we will eat lunch together.)

What do I want for Valentines Day?

I am going to make cinnamon rolls. Heart shaped ones.
Because C and I have been abstaining from sugar and I have been CRAVING cinnamon rolls.
So I will have them... and probably, I will need some chocolate.
Like a whole symphony bar to eat all by myself.
Now I'm salivating. Great.

I would really love it if the kitchen was mopped.
And a sappy love note would be nice since I am feeling so melancholy right now.

But let me put my melancholy-ness on hold for a few minutes and talk about the people I love.

My husband. He really is awesome.

My boys. They give me so much joy.

My parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, sisters, brothers and friends.

And, I'd better not forget our dog.
He seems to know that I need company because he is sitting on my feet keeping them warm.

Lots of love to all of you!
I really do love you, even on evenings when I am moping.

See, I feel better already!

I think I can even head upstairs and see about the giggling and banging with out losing my temper.

Happy Valentines Day!

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